Let's Get Started

We’re so excited you’re here! The Community is here for you to connect with other industry professionals. Here are some steps to get you started so you can start interacting with others.

1) Personalize your profile

Go to “Edit Profile” and take a minute to upload a profile picture and customize your notification settings. In the future, you will be able to see the badges you have earned. 

  1. To change your user name, you will need to log into your RFPIO instance.
  2. Click on your initial icon at the bottom left and choose Your Account.
  3. Click on the pencil icon at the top right and make sure your first and last names are filled in and Save at the bottom.

2) Participate in the Discussions/Ask a Question

There are a number of ways to get involved and join in the conversations. Check out the Community Topics that interest you and check out the interesting discussions. Once you’re comfortable, feel free to start a discussion or comment on a discussion, ask or answer a question, or take a poll.  

To start a new discussion, click on “New Post.” Then designate the post as one of the following:

  • Question: Questions are great for when you need an absolute answer or solution. Responses will be reviewed and the correct one will be accepted and designated as the Best Answer and comments will be closed.
  • Discussions: Discussions allow you to chat and share knowledge with other users, without necessarily needing an exact answer. 
  • Poll: Polls allow users to poll the community for their opinion. In addition to choosing a response, users can also leave comments to expand the conversation.

3) Personalize your experience and follow Topics that interest you

Don’t miss discussions and answers that interest you. Follow those Topics to get notifications for a better Community experience. We recommend following a couple of Topics to start, but you are welcome to follow more. To follow a Topic:

  • Visit the full list of Topics and choose the Topic that interests you.
  • On the chosen Topic page, you should see a bell icon . Clicking the bell will trigger a drop-down.
  • Choose “Follow the Topic,” and you’ll receive relevant updates.

4) Add the Community email address to your Safe Sender email list or Contacts

Make sure you get all of your notifications and important messages by adding [email protected] to your Contacts or Safe Sender list in your email program. If you aren't receiving the notifications you signed up for, check your Spam or Junk email file.